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Website Not Opening On Windows 7

Richard Murry

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Hello everyone. I am maintaining one tech website, when I try to open my website on any Windows 7 PC, it is showing 'not secure' in the URL. Is this a browser issue? Since my SSL is all valid I have checked it from my hosting company as well as online validators. Does anyone have any idea, how to solve the issue?

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13 minutos atrás, Richard Murry disse:

Olá a todos. Estou mantendo um  site de tecnologia , quando tento abrir meu site em qualquer PC com Windows 7, ele mostra 'não seguro' no URL. Este é um problema do navegador? Visto que meu SSL é totalmente válido, eu o verifiquei com minha empresa de hospedagem e também com validadores online. Alguém tem ideia de como resolver o problema?

Browsers have started to aggressively approach sites that mix content without ssl.

Possibly have some css / js / img / link that does not contain SSL in the address, this ends up causing mixed content
To make it easier to identify which ones, access your website and click F12 to open your browser console and go to the CONSOLE tab, where you will describe the mixed contents.

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