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Whmcs esfola no aumento!


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What is changing?

We are changing from an unlimited license model to a tiered pricing structure based on the number of active clients within a WHMCS installation.

An active client is defined as a client with at least one active product, service, add-on or domain.

Why are we making this change?

Our goal is to continue improving WHMCS for the long term, investing in the product to make it more powerful and deliver a better experience to our customers. That requires a significant amount of energy, time and resources. As a result, we are asking those customers who get the most value from WHMCS to help us make that investment.

With each release, we deliver more features and flexibility to you. The WHMCS platform powers your business and it is achieved through a constant drive to improve and deliver new and improved functionality, your investment, and our commitment to your future.

What will the new prices be?

We also understand that everyone is price sensitive and appreciate that even the most successful businesses need the best return on investment. As a result, we are introducing a tiered pricing structure. The tiered pricing is modest and designed to reflect the business value of our product relative to your success. When you grow, WHMCS grows with you.

Client Range Branding Removal New Price
Up to 250 Active Clients   $15.95/mo (no change)
Up to 250 Active Clients   $18.95/mo (no change)
251 - 1000 Active Clients   $24.95/mo
1001+ Active Clients   $39.95/mo

What about Owned Licenses?

As of today, we will no longer be offering owned licenses for sale.

Developing, improving and providing support for the WHMCS product has ongoing costs, and therefore a subscription based model makes more sense.

What does this mean for existing Owned Licenses?

Existing Owned Licenses are unaffected by these changes. Owned licenses will continue to provide the same unlimited active client usage as before.

What does this mean for existing Leased License customers?

We are giving existing license holders a 6 month grace period before these changes take effect.

This means for current customers, the new rates (if applicable based on your license & usage) will not take effect until April 2017.

How can I see how many Active Clients I have?

To see how many active clients are in your installation, navigate to Clients > View/Search Clients, select the Search/Filter tab and in the Status dropdown select Active. Then click Search.

The resulting client list and record count will include just the clients considered active.

What happens when I reach the client limit for my license?

You will begin seeing notifications inside the product as you approach your limit.

Your license will then be upgraded automatically when the maximum number of permitted clients is reached and the new price will take effect from the next renewal date.

You will also receive an email notifying you when an upgrade takes place.

Can I opt out of automatic license upgrades?

Yes, you opt-out of these automatic upgrades here.

When you opt-out, upon reaching the limit for your license, you will be required to upgrade manually. A link will be provided to you within a notification inside the product.

I have a license from a reseller, am I affected?

There are no changes being made to reseller licenses at this time.


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23 minutos atrás, maksol disse:

Eles estão fazendo isso para as pessoas migrarem para a licença "fixa".

Ocorrerá uma carência de 6 meses ou seja a partir de abril/2017 haverá esse reajuste mediante a quantidade de clientes.

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9 minutos atrás, Otavio disse:

Se caminharem para isso , o hostbill ainda da de 10 á 0 no WHMCS .

Hostbill é uma CTRL + C do WHMCS, concorrentes de peso do WHMCS são o blesta e clientexec.

O blesta tem um diferencial absurdo, 99% do sistema é código aberto e apenas 3 arquivos são protegidos por licença/criptografados.


Blesta is well-written, source documented, object oriented code that is nearly 100% open. Less than 1%, or only 3 files are encoded — just enough for license protection. Is your current billing system this open? There is nothing like having the source code at your finger tips. If you are a developer, you will love Blesta!


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1 hora atrás, edvan disse:

Hostbill é uma CTRL + C do WHMCS, concorrentes de peso do WHMCS são o blesta e clientexec.

O blesta tem um diferencial absurdo, 99% do sistema é código aberto e apenas 3 arquivos são protegidos por licença/criptografados.


Estou dizendo em questão do comum:

Em minha opnião hostbill na parte Cliente é muito mais limpa e prática para o cliente , alem de ser muito mais simples personalizar.



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