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Serviço apagado no whmcs


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Os serviços não foram encerrados, apenas pagados.
Tentei ver o SQL, mas está mais complexas as tabelas que nos primórdios do WHMCS, por isto, estou tendo dificuldades.

Tentei importar o Backup do SQL completo, mas dá erro e não completa a importação: 


Comando SQL:


INSERT INTO `mod_invoicedata` (`invoiceid`, `clientsdetails`, `customfields`) VALUES ('896', 'a:48:{s:6:\"userid\";s:3:\"135\";s:2:\"id\";s:3:\"135\";s:4:\"uuid\";s:36:\"5bcde107-98a2-41be-9446-d24217597221\";s:9:\"firstname\";s:13:\"Poliana Gorni\";s:8:\"lastname\";s:9:\" de Souza\";s:8:\"fullname\";s:23:\"Poliana Gorni  de Souza\";s:11:\"companyname\";s:44:\"Petrogotas de Macae Desinsetizacao LTDA - ME\";s:5:\"email\";s:25:\"poliana@petrogotas.com.br\";s:8:\"address1\";s:36:\"Av Taeco Otoniel Gomes Tavares, S/N \";s:8:\"address2\";s:19:\"Sao Jose do Barreto\";s:4:\"city\";s:5:\"Macae\";s:9:\"fullstate\";s:2:\"RJ\";s:5:\"state\";s:2:\"RJ\";s:8:\"postcode\";s:9:\"27965-055\";s:11:\"countrycode\";s:2:\"BR\";s:7:\"country\";s:2:\"BR\";s:11:\"phonenumber\";s:13:\"22 98815-3204\";s:8:\"password\";s:60:\"$2y$10$V4RdvK4fi9HM5Dczl1xIV.BRAGEw0mb0QjpP.ODQH3ib/UPW1xziu\";s:9:\"statecode\";s:2:\"RJ\";s:11:\"countryname\";s:6:\"Brazil\";s:7:\"phonecc\";i:55;s:20:\"phonenumberformatted\";s:15:\"+55[...]


Mensagens do MySQL : Documentação

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''a:48:{s:6:\"userid\";s:3:\"135\";s:2:\"id\";s:3:\"135\";s:4:\"uuid\";s:36:\"5bc' at line 1 

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