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Whmcs 5.2...e Ai, Vai Atualizar?

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Saiu hoje a versão 5.2 do whmcs.


Quem serão as coba...ops quem vai testar a nova versão que acabou de sair do forno??? hehehe


Estava olhando o changelog, tem coisa p/ caramba:


OBS: Versão 5.2.1


Case #1772 - Update to log date & ip with ticket feedback submissions
Case #1772 - Added New Reports: Ticket Feedback Scores & Ticket Feedback Comments
Case #1418 - Added New Client Sources Report (aka How Did You Find Us)
Case #1779 - Updated VAT Number validation hook to use the SOAP service provided at VIES directly
Case #1746 - Re-factored invoice display logic
Case #1768 - Update to support ticket bounce email to add global header/footer email wrapper
Case #1768 - Added graceful exit handling to admin side clients domains page when no domains found for user
Case #1788 - Updated invoice totals to show as total+credit in all invoice lists both client & admin side
Case #1418 - Updated order details view to show exact invoice payment status and disable Cancel & Refund option once refunded
Case #1662 - Licensing mechanism updates to add further license server redundancy supportlicense server redundancy support
Case #1768 - Update to clients services page to immediately change status dropdown value (both main status and license status when licensing module in use) upon success result from new ajax module commands
Case #1795 - Update to conditionally include payment modules in cart for integrated checkout
Case #1255 - Implemented Two-Factor Authentication Logic & Support to Admin Login Process
Case #1418 - Updated transactions & gateway log query logic & added default date range filters to speed up initial page load on larger installations
Case #1586 - Fixed ticket tagging JS code double calls on load and incorrect saving on update with class update and function call changes
Case #1586 - Optimised admin support ticket page loads by separating JavaScript code into separate JS file
Case #1418 - Updated old wiki/docs link in all locations and added new comment format to open sample files
Case #1586 - Implemented Tag Cloud to admin ticket list & created ticket tag report/chart
Case #1803 - Redesigned admin reports interface to display reports in groups, removed legacy CSV export options, converted transactions and pdf export methods into report modules, and updated admin templates to display most used reports in reports menu dropdown
Case #1804 - Implemented line graph to Daily Performance Report
Case #1255 - Added Staff Management & Two Factor Authentication management links
Case #1803 - Fix for reports dropdown menu list in original and v4 templates
Case #1768 - Reverted TCPDF Class to previous version due to memory leak issue in latest update
Case #1586 - Implemented support for ticket tags with auto-complete suggestions
Case #1586 - Optimised & improved admin side handling of JavaScript code
Case #1586 - Optimised blend template loading by moving common JS into separate file
Case #1811 - Began re-factoring of client area
Case #1798 - Ported new admin view ticket styling from Blend template into V4 template
Case #1797 - Added checkbox to allow for splitting replies to Blend & V4 admin templates
Case #1815 - [API] Added Windows 8 App Addon Licensing Status return to GetAdminDetails API Function for use in upcoming Windows 8 App
Case #1818 - Refactored Session Handling product wide and updated to apply HTTPOnly attribute
Case #1819 - Refactored cookie handling and updated to apply HTTPOnly attribute by default for all cookies + updated affiliate & link cookies
Case #1822 - Added gridlines and minorgridlines count options support to graph class and updated head output for new admin interface array method
Case #1822 - Added protection against sending of blank emails to customers when email processing fails
Case #1824 - Added an option to enable showing client only departments to non logged in users visiting the ticket submission department selection page
Case #1822 - Various minor improvements and fixes to new code
Case #1825 - Updated get user ip function to use X-Forwarded-For value from apache request headers if available - primarily for our server setup
Case #1827 - Update to language of both ResellerClub and Enom modules account signup promo
Case #1811 - Created New Client Area & Service Classes & Re-factored frontend client side code
Case #1681 - Updated shopping cart to use localised status name in domain renewals
Case #1409 - Added extra conditional link parameters for affiliates and domain reg options and updated all client area templates to show/hide affiliate and domain reg menu options based on conditional status
Case #1761 - Updated domain breadcrumb links to include link back to domains details
Case #1823 - Moved admin homepage optimize image tag call from after closing HTML tag to bottom of the page body using AdminAreaFooterOutput hook point
Case #1751 - Updated ticket submission page in all client area templates to display a no departments found error msg when no support departments are configured
Case #1822 - Added check to 2FA time based tokens module to ensure GD image library is available before attempting to display QR image
Case #1830 - Updated Request Support page to provide additional help links and to provide customised message to reseller customers
Case #1822 - Removed sidebar workaround for Blend template in admin internal browser page since Blend template now has a sidebar
Case #1832 - Refactored cron process to make it possible to not only skip certain actions, but also to request only specific actions are performed
Case #1832 - Added CLI Output & Debugging flag options to make troubleshooting cron issues easier
Case #1822 - Added the ability to link to the internal browser page with a link pre-selected (?link=x)
Case #1806 - Update to WebsitePanel module to use hostname instead of IP for control panel links when hostname is specified
Case #1768 - Update to automatically grant access permissions to new functionality to default admin role groups as appropriate
Case #1768 - Added missing ticket notifications language file variable and additional variable for when no support departments exist
Case #1768 - Added the ability to specify a different department and/or priority for split ticket & updated to hide split tickets button when no replies available to split
Case #1822 - Added label tags to many more of the admin interface config fields/settings
Case #1649 - Added new escalation rules text to language file and previously missing priorities
Case #1822 - Added dedicated isLoggedIn function for checking for active client login
Case #1822 - Update to admin ticket departments config page to prevent refresh resubmits and to remove empty space displaying for admins with only a first name specified
Case #1822 - Updated in product links to use our go.whmcs.com link tracking for MaxMind, Enom, ResellerClub, Licensing & Project Management modules
Case #1822 - Added Premium badge to paid addon modules and improved/streamlined license enforcing/purchase/refreshing process
Case #1768 - Update for contact permissions error not working on pages using the new client area class
Case #1822 - Added new permissions for viewing/managing credits

Module Updates Case #1755 - [ResellerClub] Added support for New API Key authentication method
Case #1822 - [ResellerCamp] Removed old ResellerCamp sync module file and replaced with domain sync cron functions
Case #1822 - [Enkompass] Removed x3 theme from Enkompass login links
Bug Fixes Case #1768 - Fix for endless redirects on shopping cart when no product groups have been setup
Case #1768 - Correction to image path in Original and V4 admin templates for dropdown menu popout icon
Case #1768 - Install process confirm password field type corrected to hide password, automatic url detection fixed to exclude step variable, and validation added to prevent install form being submitted with blank admin details
Case #1768 - Shopping Cart checkout step is grabbing IP directly from REMOTE_ADDR value instead of using get_user_ip function which was resulting in IP displaying incorrectly in certain scenarios
Case #1768 - Update to installer to create admin user under utf-8 charset like rest of app runs under
Case #1746 - Update to ticket department reassignment emails to obey ticket notification settings per admin
Case #1768 - Adds the missing closing </a> tag for Edit Product Icon image on configproducts.php
Case #1768 - V5.2 Upgrade was not working for users of V5.1.3 Patch Release
Case #1768 - Ticket Duration calculating incorrectly when ticket contains no replies & generic comments row being created even when no comments submitted
Case #1768 - Update to menu expand icon to be black by default for lighter menu backgrounds, and white expand icon made blend template specific only
Case #1791 - Provide a valid return value (the PDF object) in the createPDF method of the WHMCS_Invoice class
Case #1709 - Sorting My Domains list by Auto Renew wasn't working
Case #1763 - Missing "Success" message when domain contacts are edited
Case #1793 - NetworkIssueClose should run when editing network issue status to closed
Case #1768 - Invoice related emails not sending due to userid not being populated correctly
Case #1768 - Fixed admin homepage popup not hiding until next content update correctly
Case #1812 - Added missing login to enkompass language file variable and updated module to use it
Case #1418 - Corrected SQL query for calculating addons ordered in the Monthly Orders report - was previously giving total for entire year
Case #1808 - Correction to gid int casting which was causing cart to permanently redirect to domain registration step on initial visit
Case #1822 - Default template KB search not remembering search term and returning to homepage on 2nd search if empty catid parameter
Case #1768 - Fix to client area details validation routine giving error relating to email and uneditable profile fields
Case #1768 - SQL Error Occurring in specific admin email send routine + Optimization to logActivity function to only query username once per runtime
Case #1822 - No addons message in Default client area product details template incorrect colspan
Case #1768 - Suspension reason stops being recorded after & character due to missing url encoding
Case #1768 - Incorrect billing cycle variable for when adding a new addon & Services dropdown menu showing last rows color for active services
Case #1768 - Service edit form not being closed when addons are edited causing send message to fail
Case #1771 - Update to support ticket billing entry to auto prune any non numerical chars from amount
Case #1821 - Replaced hardcoded word "Go" with language variable in 2 client area & 4 order form template files
Case #1822 - Fixed create new project dialog not saving ticket number
Case #1822 - Stats query optimisations & bug fix for SQL error that was being generated every time support ticket page was accessed when admin not assigned to any departments
Case #1768 - Some addon downloads were not being displayed in the client area product details downloads tab
Case #1768 - No Totals to Display text was not being shown on empty Transactions list page
Case #1768 - Added support ticket notification customisation settings back to admin users My Account page
Case #1768 - Changed email encoding from 8bit to quoted-printable to resolve issue of erroneous characters/spaces on long lines of text
Case #1768 - Update to automatic ticket close logic to only send Support Ticket Auto Close Notification email template if Ticket Feedback is not enabled since it already sends it's own email on closure
Case #1768 - Update to invoice loadData function which was failing in some situations due to subquery for gateway name returning more than 1 row
Case #1833 - Update to various third party classes to remove deprecated assigning of return value by reference
Case #1768 - Update to init file to prevent it erroring or failing with a blank page during upload of the new version
Case #1768 - File download page erroring out blank when login was required due to missing var
Case #1768 - Include product downloads in directory setting being displayed twice in General Settings
Case #1773 - Update to predefined search box so that field doesn't expand past the edge of the box when no predefined replies exist + added search icon to search box as background
Case #1800 - Affiliates commission list showing incorrect amount if no payment made yet and has a different first payment amount
Case #1768 - Configurable Options Radio Button was echoing checkbox checked rather than appending to input code HTML
Case #1768 - Free addons generating invoice upon adding from admin side due to no exclusion on free billing cycles in specific items invoicing routine
Case #1768 - Addon products on services page using wrong variable for ID in edit and delete links rendering them unmanagable


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Instalei o patch 5.1.4 e parece que está dando problema na seleção de idiomas. Tento alterar o idioma pela central do cliente e não vai, continua no que foi definido para a conta.

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Aqui meu boleto bradesco parou de funcionar e o MOIP direto tb.


Edvan tentei abrir um ticket de suporte contigo sem sucesso. Tem trampo pra tí.


Olha isso http://docs.whmcs.com/Version_5.2_Release_Notes


The dbconnect.php file has been removed as of WHMCS V5.2 and so any custom files will require updating to include "init.php" and only "init.php", the current separate "functions.php" include will be handled automatically


Agora você imagina a bronca? O arquivo de conexão com banco de dados foi alterado e com isso as declarações de funções relacionadas ao arquivo não existem após migração! E para melhorar a situação o arquivo functions.php foi reformulado o que causa outro problema.


O problema no sistema de tickets ( http://ticketwhmcs.edvan.com.br) foi corrigido, abre o ticket lá que te envio o update!

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Olha isso http://docs.whmcs.com/Version_5.2_Release_Notes



Agora você imagina a bronca? O arquivo de conexão com banco de dados foi alterado e com isso as declarações de funções relacionadas ao arquivo não existem após migração! E para melhorar a situação o arquivo functions.php foi reformulado o que causa outro problema.


O problema no sistema de tickets ( http://ticketwhmcs.edvan.com.br) foi corrigido, abre o ticket lá que te envio o update!


Feito !

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