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Datacenter Apenas Com Ipv6


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Amanhã (12/06/2013) vai ter um webinar gratuito , em Inglês, sobre utilizar apenas IPv6 em datacenter, centralizando v4 apenas na ligação com a rede externa. Me pareceu uma idéia muito sensata, acho que vale assistir:

Pv6 is becoming an unavoidable reality, and the majority of content providers try to deal with it one little step at a time, starting with IPv6-to-IPv4 load balancing (or even NAT64) somewhere at the edge of the data center.

This incremental strategy allows you to give users access to IPv6-enabled content with minimum initial investments, but it also triggers a series of transitions the organization has to go through before reaching the final destination: IPv6-only data centers after IPv4 becomes truly obsolete. Each one of these transitions has to be planned, designed and managed, and each one of them introduces risk and potential downtime.

The webinar describes an alternate approach: an IPv6-only data center and network core with the only IPv4 component being NAT46 translation boxes at the network edge.

Tore Anderson is running this design in production environment and will share his real-life experiences and the glitches he encountered on his path to IPv6-only data center.

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oi amigo se você usa o registro.br ou qualque site la tem a opção d eusa o dominio com ipva6. qualque coisa add skype paulo.vinicius677

hi friend if you use registro.br qualque site or it has the option field with the EUSA d ipva6. qualque add skype thing paulo.vinicius677

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