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  1. Very interesting news today from the world of control panels.

    Curso online

    cPanel has a certification process and a training option for people like you. You can also search on YouTube for a bunch of information on how to work on cPanel. We have a knowledgebase on our site that shows a bunch of how-to stuff within cPanel. Plesk offers a similar process at If you can make the trip, cPanel has their annual conference in Houston TX this year. This is a great way to hang out with peers as well as get a ton of training.

    Prettiest and Proudest Server, Cabling and Data Center pics

    We have a few guys on the team already that speak Portuguese but they are on the DevOps side of things. I might have to ask them to get active here. I appreciate the reply. Back to your question regarding "should you have an English and a Portuguese section or keep it all mixed", for me the translation has been seamless and the site very easy to use. Perhaps your Brazilian members have a different opinion but for me, I would tell you to keep it as is. I am new here and not trying to break rules so forgive me if I am...but we do offer storage servers. They can be found at Additionally, on our standard dedicated server page, if you scroll down you will see our "fully customizable" servers all of which can be configured to include up to 64 drives.

    Prettiest and Proudest Server, Cabling and Data Center pics

    Angelica, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Congratulations on what you have built here at PDH. You should be very proud. I have a question. The entire PDH site appears to me in English. Do my posts appear to you in Portuguese or English? Help me understand that and I will gladly share my humble opinion with you on anything you ask. Btw, I am 42 and can also not dance Samba.

    Prettiest and Proudest Server, Cabling and Data Center pics

    Many thanks for the compliments. Happy to post more images if you like. Was really just hoping to establish and introduce myself here. Would love to see other’s great pics.
  6. I just joined the forum today and thought a good way to introduce myself would be to post a pic of myself and some of proudest data center/server/wiring images. I would love to see similar pics of you and your gear. Anyhow, here are my pics. I am happy to be a part of the forum and hope I can be a positive addition.