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  1. We use https://www.corero.com/product/smartwall-ddos-protection/ in addition to some proprietary tools/techniques to mitigate DDOS attacks. I cannot speak to OVH's capabilities and how our's would compare.
  2. I am not familiar with Brazilian laws but in the US we would mitigate the risk by making sure the TOS and SLA everyone agrees to at sign up clearly spells out what happens under the scenario of non-payment.
  3. If you have a ticket number I am happy to get it in front of a Network Engineer. I have not see any other complaints but I am happy to have it looked into.
  4. we're peered with AS4230 (Embratel) AKA Claro S.A.
  5. DM me your ticket numbers and i will take a personal interest in it. I am sorry you had any issues.
  6. Please open a ticket with our Support Dept so we can look at that. Our Network Engineers are actively working on optimizing things to ensure we get the results you all want from the addition of Telefonica. Open a ticket and we will check on your routes right away.
  7. What is the source IP you are testing from? I can’t read it on the screenshots. Thanks.
  8. As of around 1pm EST this afternoon, Telefonica is live on our network.
  9. Thank you all for your assistance and recommendations.
  10. It wasn’t issues, it was latency and the fact our Noction IRP very rarely determined them to be the best route to anything. We have numerous providers and one of those alternatives was more often than not chosen by Noction due to it providing a better path.
  11. We actually just got rid of Seabone over performance or lack there of.
  12. Telefonica has provided the following latency figures. How do these compare to the other recommended providers? We are looking to add a new provider this week. Thank you in advance for your information Miami to: Bogota – 52 ms Sao Paolo – 114 ms Buenos Aires – 131 ms Santiago – 107 ms Lima – 63 ms
  13. Thank you everyone. I really really appreciate the feedback. I am hoping we make a decision by next week.
  14. Thanks to both of you. I hope for a few more votes as well.
  15. We recently got rid of our Seabone i.e. Telia Italia Sprinkle bandwidth due to it not performing as well as we had hoped to Latin America. Out of our data centers in Tampa and Miami we currently have Level 3, Telia Carrier, TWTC, Cogent and public peering of FLIX and NOTA. We are considering adding Telefonica to improve performance to Brazil and throughout Latin America but I though I would ask you all who you think would be the best addition to the network for serving South America and Central America.
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