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  1. Thank you everyone. I really really appreciate the feedback. I am hoping we make a decision by next week.
  2. Thanks to both of you. I hope for a few more votes as well.
  3. We recently got rid of our Seabone i.e. Telia Italia Sprinkle bandwidth due to it not performing as well as we had hoped to Latin America. Out of our data centers in Tampa and Miami we currently have Level 3, Telia Carrier, TWTC, Cogent and public peering of FLIX and NOTA. We are considering adding Telefonica to improve performance to Brazil and throughout Latin America but I though I would ask you all who you think would be the best addition to the network for serving South America and Central America.
  4. Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions to customers from over 130 countries since 2002. Our World Class Technical Support Team works on-prem, inside our data centers 24/7/365 and is available to you via phone, live chat and support ticket. Answers are instant and resolutions take minutes, not hours and never days like the other guys. We deploy hundreds and sometimes thousands of servers every month all over the world Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago (coming soon), Dallas, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Seattle and Tampa. Our cancellation rat
  5. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance or answer any questions. We are not raising our pricing on cPanel. We chose to subsidize the costs of cPanel in order to help our customers and to attract new ones. Thus far the plan has worked and we have no intention of changing our strategy.
  6. First off, your budget is going to dictate what you can get but if you have $100-$200 to spend you can get something pretty darn good. I would suggest looking at the new Xeon E 2200 series procs. They are entry level which means they are fairly inexpensive but they include 6 to 8 cores and 12 to 16 threads. Next, I would suggest you use SSD in RAID 1. The cost of SSD has come down drastically and they are very affordable. Most importantly, they are considerably faster and more reliable than spinning disks of old. Spinning disk is just old tech. As far as the OS goes. 90% of my l
  7. For 1 day only we are offering over 60% off bare-metal dedicated servers in Dallas, Los Angeles and Tampa. These deals are limited in supply so you will need to act fast if you see something you like. https://www.hivelocity.net/black-friday/ Hivelocity was founded in 2002 and serves customers from over 130 countries world-wide. Our world-class, on premise, expert support team is available 24/7/365 via phone, live chat and support ticket.
  8. Are you still facing any issues? I would be happy to talk with a network engineer personally regarding your case. If you are still having any issues please provide me with a ticket # so I can investigate.
  9. If you sign up for the $15 Server Defense System you will be protected against DDoS attacks and our data scrubbing will be enabled should you become the target of an attack.
  10. We offer 2 options for DDoS protection https://www.hivelocity.net/enhancements/ddos-protection/
  11. That is a tough question to answer and I will do my best to explain why. We have several layers of DDoS protection and we block 90% -100% of most attacks at the edge layer before we end up enacting any of our other mitigation tools which includes scrubbing the data with our Corero devices. The amount of data we can scrub is 10-20 Gbps depending on the location, however we may only need to scrub 500Mbps of traffic on the 50Gbps attack because we mitigated most of the attack at the edge layer. So there is the actual limit on the size of the attack, its more dependent on the complexity of the att
  12. Farei melhor para traduzir meus comentários antecipadamente. Eu ainda estou aprendendo meu caminho em torno deste fórum e a última coisa que quero fazer é incomodar alguém. Amor e respeito a todos.
  13. Sorry to have offended you. I was under the impression the forum auto-translated each post. We offer support in Spanish but not Portuguese. Good luck.
  14. Our pricing of $32 for 1-500 cPanel accounts and $65 for 501-1000 cPanel accounts is valid for Hivelocity servers only. We will offer free migration to our servers in many cases.
  15. First, I would say I don't think we are much, if any more expensive than those providers. Second, I will say I know we are better than any of these providers when it comes to service and support. So if we are a bit more expensive I am ok with that. If you have cPanel I am pretty sure whatever cost delta there may be on the servers, it will be closed by our considerable discount on cPanel licenses. Either way, we are not trying to be the cheapest provider out there, our goal has always been to the best provider. If you want cheap then there are certainly alternatives to Hivelocity.



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