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Godaddy announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase sucuri, a leading provider of website security products and services.


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ICYMI: GoDaddy announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase Sucuri, a leading provider of website security products and services. Candidly, we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve spent some time with their team over the past few years, and we know that they care about the same things that we do at GoDaddy. We both want to see people (safely and confidently) launch their ideas into the world. Could be a business, a blog, or a podcast. Could be an online store selling fishing ties. Maybe it’s a punk rock zine about electric accordions and second-hand clothing stores. Doesn’t matter. A dream is a dream.


Together, we want to help make those independent ventures a reality.

GoDaddy helps get the sites live, and Sucuri helps protect them against any online threats. If you have a website, Sucuri’s suite of tools can help you respond to hacks when they occur, and virtually patch existing vulnerabilities. That’s good news, because most people with websites aren’t security gurus.


“The vast majority of our customers aren’t website security experts, nor should they need to be to secure their websites,” says Kevin Doerr, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Security at GoDaddy. “Combining Sucuri with GoDaddy’s scale will advance digital security for our customers by making it simple, timely and affordable.”

Sucuri and GoDaddy partner to offer simple, timely and affordable website security

Sucuri’s always been focused on helping to protect their customers’ websites. Not only by building a great product and staying ahead of emerging threats, but by curating a customer-first philosophy. Like GoDaddy, Sucuri provides its customers with always-on customer service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So what does this mean for Sucuri? Sucuri Founder Daniel Cid sums it up nicely:

“Since our inception we have always had a single goal of protecting our customers’ websites. Now we have the opportunity to take this same philosophy from a few hundred thousand sites to millions of sites.”

Here here. Let’s make the internet safer for everyone. We’ll keep investing in Sucuri and its products. Can’t wait to see where the next year takes us. Welcome to the team, Sucuri. We’re gonna do good things.

For existing Sucuri and GoDaddy customers, it’s business as usual right now. Stay tuned as we start to work more closely together.

If you want to see what Sucuri thinks about the latest news, you can read their blog post here.

If you want to read the full GoDaddy press release, you can check it out here.

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12 hours ago, chuvadenovembro said:

Não cheguei a clicar nos links, por qual valor será que compraram?

"Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed."

Mas como o GoDaddy é de capital aberto, no próximo relatório trimestral vai aparecer... só que se eles tiverem comprado várias empresas, deve aparecer só o agregado e aí não vai dar para saber quanto era de cada uma especificamente. 


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