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Pyxsoft Update

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Eai pessoal, faz 1 mês que migrei para o OpsShield e hoje recebi esse email:



Hello Rodrigo,

WHM 76.0.2 is coming and it has a compatibility problem with Pyxsoft (and probabilly many other scripts)

We published a new version that solves the incompatibility.
Please upgrade your version as soon as posible.

---->  Go to WHM > Pyxsoft  and click at "Upgrate to last version"

What happens if your server already upgraded to WHM 76.0.2?

You will see a blank page when visiting the Pyxsoft UI in WHM
To fix this you should perform a manual update following the next steps:

1. Log into your server using your SSH root account and execute the next command:

cd ~; wget -O – www.pyxsoft.com/install | bash

It will upgrade Pyxsoft Anti Hackers and the compatibility problem will be solved.

The details

WHM is currently using ioncube v5 as internal decoder. The new WHM version upgrades the encoder to version 10.2
The scripts encoded with ioncube v5 are not compatible with v10 and scripts encoded with version 10 are not compatible with v5.
With the new update, Pyxsoft will select the right encoded scripts based on your internal ioncube version. The installer will change the scripts when the internal ioncube version will be changed by a WHM update.

What is new, apart of this?

Version 1.7.0

- [FIX] Fix ioncube encoding for WHM 76.0.1
- [NEW] Autoupdate Pyxsoft after upcp
- [FIX] Hide warnings in home page & cron scripts
- [NEW] New installation & update method.

What about Pyxsoft 2.0?

We are working hard to release this version in november. We are writing it from scratch.
Some feeatures are:

  • No more ClamAV required!!
  • Better scan detections
  • Suspicious files could be automatically sent to our labs in order to improve the signatures quickly
  • Auto quarantine
  • Improved whitelist
  • FTP inspection working again
  • Instant file watching
  • Better support service. More persons are working here.
  • Compatible with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISPManager, Vesta, ISPConfig, Zpanel, CentOS web panel and much more.
  • Compatible with Linux servers with no control panel.

Thanks for your confidence and support.

Best Regards,

Pablo Lagos 
Pyxsoft Founder

Bored with our emails? Unsuscribe at:


Press here and follow us in Twitter. We are constantly publishing important information there.


Eai alguém já testou, ta valendo a pena voltar ?


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Em 26/10/2018 em 21:39, rodrigo286 disse:

Eai pessoal, faz 1 mês que migrei para o OpsShield e hoje recebi esse email:

Eai alguém já testou, ta valendo a pena voltar ?


Eu ainda estou com vários servidores com o Pyxsoft que até o momento está "atendendo bem"...É o medo de migrar e dar mer**

Mas como o usuário acima disse, não mudou nada (ao menos não vi nada diferente)....
Agora o que me assustou foi ver que o Scan de FTP não está funcionando.

Nos novos clientes já estou usando o OpsShield que possui um ótimo suporte e atualizações constantes.

OwnServer | Soluções Corporativas & Gerenciamento de Servidores | www.ownserver.com.br

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