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Licença lifetime whmcs

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5 horas atrás, msaulohenrique disse:

Alguém tem alguma para me vender?

Estou disposto a negociar.

Se conseguir alguém para vender tome cuidado, só aceite após transferência autorizada pelo fabricante.

Outras informações visite https://www.whmcs.com/about/terms-of-service/


License Transfer Policy

WHMCS permits Owned Software Licenses to be re-sold or transferred once per license key (fees apply) pursuant to the terms of transfer set out in the EULA. Owned Software Licenses are not eligible for transfer until at least 3 months have passed from the date of purchase. Owned Software Licences obtained via a reseller are excluded from this policy and are not eligible for any re-sales or transfers. Leased Software Licences cannot be re-sold or transferred under any circumstances.

Before any sale or transfer, please contact us to verify eligibility of your license key. Upon request of the transfer, we will issue an invoice for the license transfer fee (currently $20). Once paid, we will request from you the name, email address and details of the new owner for the license to be transferred to. All transfers are final and cannot be reversed.

Addons may be transferred between licenses within your own client account but not resold or transferred to other accounts.


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3 horas atrás, wallace36 disse:

Eu comprei uma aqui de um cara desde novembro do ano passado e ainda funciona, me manda mensagem privada que eu passo o contato dele

Tem certeza que não caiu em um golpe? Você pagou a taxa de transferência? Essa licença foi transferida via WHMCS.com?

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