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Administração do seu Servidor de Hospedagem

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Bom galera ,


Eu estou ofererendo o serviço de Monitoração e instalação de recursos em servidos de cpanel .


Veja Algumas

  • Unlimited Hours of Server Administration Tasks
  • Server Admin Consultation
  • Server Monitoring
  • Initial Server Setups
  • Service upgrades ( PHP, Mysql, Apache )
  • Server Tweaks
  • Php and Apache compilation with advanced modules ( mod_deflate, mod_security etc.)
  • Cpanel/WHM & Add-on Support
  • Apache Tweaking & Optimizing performance
  • Server securing and hardening
  • CSF Firewall installation & configurations.
  • LFD Alerts on brute force attacks.
  • SMTP tweaking
  • PHP hardening ( SUPHP, SUHOSIN )
  • Mod_security setup and configurations
  • Service Email alerts ( Critical, Recovery )
  • Litespeed Setup and configurations
  • Nginx installation & setups
  • SSL certificate installations
  • Clamav integation with exim
  • Backup restorations, Database restorations from secondary backup disks etc.
  • Cpanel to Cpanel server migration (Limited Data Transfer - 100GB)
  • If your server is under spam or hacked with external scripts. We will investigate and fix the issue.
  • OS Recovery via KVM access.
  • Monitoring the server logs for spam source.
  • Restart failed services upon notifications.
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Estamos em promoção


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