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Matheus Pelissari

Status de rede

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Cria um arquivo php com este código envie ele pro seu servidor , depois só pegar o link de onde vc hospedou o arquivo ex:

*                                                                       *
* WHMCS - The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support Solution    *
* Copyright (c) WHMCS Ltd. All Rights Reserved,                         *
* Release Date: 24th November 2011                                      *
* Version 5.0                                                           *
*                                                                       *
*                                                                       *
* Email:                                                 *
* Website: htttp://                                        *
*                                                                       *

This file can be uploaded to each of your linux web servers in order to
display current load and uptime statistics for the server in the Server
Status page of the WHMCS Client Area and Admin Area Homepage



$action = (isset($_GET['action'])) ? $_GET['action'] : '';

if ($action=="phpinfo") {

    Uncoment the line below to allow users to view PHP Info for your
    server. This potentially allows access to information a malicious
    user could use to find weaknesses in your server.

} else {

    $load = file_get_contents("/proc/loadavg");
    $load = explode(' ',$load);
    $load = $load[0];
    if (!$load && function_exists('exec')) {
        if ($reguptime) if (preg_match("/, *(\d) (users?), .*: (.*), (.*), (.*)/",$reguptime,$uptime)) $load = $uptime[3];

    $uptime_text = file_get_contents("/proc/uptime");
    $uptime = substr($uptime_text,0,strpos($uptime_text," "));
    if (!$uptime && function_exists('shell_exec')) $uptime = shell_exec("cut -d. -f1 /proc/uptime");
    $days = floor($uptime/60/60/24);
    $hours = str_pad($uptime/60/60%24,2,"0",STR_PAD_LEFT);
    $mins = str_pad($uptime/60%60,2,"0",STR_PAD_LEFT);
    $secs = str_pad($uptime%60,2,"0",STR_PAD_LEFT);

    $phpver = phpversion();
    $mysqlver = (function_exists("mysql_get_client_info")) ? mysql_get_client_info() : '-';
    $zendver = (function_exists("zend_version")) ? zend_version() : '-';

    echo "<load>$load</load>\n";
    echo "<uptime>$days Days $hours:$mins:$secs</uptime>\n";
     * WHMCS does not rely on the following version information for tracking
     * server status.
     * Some 3rd-party integrations may rely on previous revisions of this file that
     * exposed said information.  Users who have 3rd-party functionality which
     * require this may uncomment the lines at their own risk.
     * Future revisions to this file may remove those commented lines and this
     * documentation block entirely.  If a 3rd-party integration that you use
     * relies on this, please notify them that access to that information via
     * this script is deprecated as of WHMCS 5.3.9-release.1.
     * Anyone is free to contact WHMCS Support for further information or help
     * resolving integration issues.
    //echo "<phpver>$phpver</phpver>\n";
    //echo "<mysqlver>$mysqlver</mysqlver>\n";
    //echo "<zendver>$zendver</zendver>\n";


Ai coloca no seu whmcs desse modo:




Resultado Final:



Fox Soluções  | Streaming Áudio - Revendas de Streaming | Data Center Brasil  EUA  |

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