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Período De Carência De Renovação | Resell.biz

Rocha Neto

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We hope this finds you well, we have two important pieces of information for our customers of resell.biz;


1. Domain renewal grace period extension

The renewal grace period for the below domains has been extended from 30 days to 36 days after the expiry date. So, if for example a .com domain expires on 1st September, the grace period to renew that domain has been extended from 1st October to 7th October.


.com .net .info .biz .name .us .cc. tv passaram de 30 para 36 dias.


.com .net .info .biz .name .us .cc. tv passaram de 30 para 36 dias.


Não entendi direito o porque da mudança. Alguem sabe dizer se só vale para Resell.biz? Ou pra todos os registar?

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