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[Atualizado] Boxbilling 2.12.5 + Tradução Pt_Br + Módulos Pagseguro E Moip - 12/12/2012

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Version: 2.12.5

Size: 7.08 MB

Released: 2012-12-05


Tradução pt_BR - Área do Cliente v0.1a (12/12/2012) - Área do Admin ainda sendo traduzida

Módulos PagSeguro e Moip - Feito pelo usuário Erle Carrara - Download

Open-source, qualquer doação será muito bem vinda! Doações - PagSeguro (carrara.erle@gmail.com) e MoIP (id "erlecarrara")

Para instalar o módulo do PagSeguro por exemplo, basta copiar o arquivo Pagseguro.php da pasta bb-library/Payment/Adapter para a respectiva pasta da sua instalação do BoxBilling.


Release 2.12.5 (2012-12-05)


* Fixes issue when domain order is activated for 2 years instead of 1

* Approved invoice issue fix on Windows servers

* Show transactions list for client

* Enable multisite support by determining hostname and config file

* Do not show payment gateway select box if cart total is 0

Release 2.11.28 (2012-11-28)


* All modules settings moved to global settings page

* Ability to edit countries list in system settings page

* YouHosting API support. Now you can sell YouHosting services with BoxBilling

* BoxBilling theme can now have settings page. Settings are globally available in client area theme

* New theme filters:

* asset_url - {{ 'style.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}

* img_tag - {{ company.logo_url | img_tag }}

* script_tag - {{ 'jquery.min.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

* stylesheet_tag - {{ 'style.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}

* money - {{ '40' | money }}

* money_without_currency - {{ '40' | money_without_currency }}

* money_convert - {{ '40' | money_convert }}

* money_convert_without_currency - {{ '40' | money_convert_without_currency }}

* Updating Twig to 1.10.3

* Cron option: Enable web based cron. This method requires that site has visitors and special theme tag support

* Major admin area theme update. Using fluid layout. Added breadcrumbs

* News module updates

* Ability to change payment gateway in invoice payment page

* Immediately redirect to payment gateway after checkout if payment gateway was selected

* Defautl theme update: Show client login/signup form before checkout button in shopping cart

* Search can be made by order meta keys

* Added new database table *client_order_meta* to store custom order data

* new statistic method to get number of sales by country

* new statistic method to get number of clients in country

* Do not use ajax when loading statistics in admin dashboard

* Show Last month statistics in dashboard

* Render mod_page_login.phtml instead of mod_client_login.phtml template if template exists

* Allow create any template mod_client_*.phtml to be accessed by client only

* Added redirects module. Usefull to redirect deprecated URLs to new ones

* Simplified payment gateway logic. Now it is a simple file, no need to extend any class.

* New event hooks:

* onBeforeAdminExtensionConfigSave

* onAfterAdminExtensionConfigSave

* onBeforeProductAddedToCart

* onAfterProductAddedToCart

* Removed hostinger branding

* Option to enable/disable ability for client to change his email

* Ability to require email confirmation in welcome email

* Ability to define required fields for client registration form

* Ability to disable new client registrations

* Invoices are not generated for 0 amount orders

* Performance and multiple bug fixes

Release 2.9.14 (2012-09-14)


* Added new field for service license - checked_at

* Support tickets canned responses are grouped

* Support settings option: auto responder and delay message

* Preview ticket notes in tickets listing page

* Ticket page updates in admin area

* Ability to generate email templates for enabled extensions before first event occurrence

* Ability to define which IPs are allowed to login to admin area

* Redesigned settings page. All configurable extensions are listed in this page.

* Simplified payment gateway adapters transaction processing logic.

Now you can use API inside payment gateway method **processTransaction**

Requires new parameter (new_transaction_process_logic) to be added to settings table to enable this option

* Option to skip calling event hook in order suspend and cancel actions

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