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Gerar backup de uma única conta

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2. Type: cd /scripts

3. Type: ./pkgacct username

(replace username with the acount username you wish to backup)

4. You will not see something along the lines of this:

Copying Reseller Config...Done

Copying Mail files....Done

Copying proftpd file....Done

Copying www logs...Done

Grabbing mysql dbs...Done

Grabbing mysql privs...Done

Copying mailman lists....Done

Copying mailman archives....Done

Copying homedir....Done

5. There will be a file now in /home called cpmove-username.tar.gz where username is the username specified in step #4.

6. Download the cpmove-username.tar.gz and save it.

(You can use your FTP software to login to the server and download the file)


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