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How to succeed? - Create a successful project.

Where should you place a successful project? - Of course, on a perfect server!

Hello! We are Perfect Quality Hosting (pq.hosting) and we offer to store your projects on perfect servers. For more than a year, we have been successfully growing, developing, improving and providing a reliable home for thousands of different projects.

Where exactly will the projects be stored?

At seven locations at your choice: Netherlands, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany. In each of these countries, we've chosen not just the best data centers, but the best of the best. However, to fully guarantee reliability in data centers, we use only racks and technical equipment, but all the "hardware" is completely ours from the world's leading manufacturers.

What will the projects be stored on?

Just on SSD and NVMe. We don't have another options. At your choice - super powerful dedicated servers or more economical VPS with flexible pricing system and KVM virtualization.

How fast will the projects work?

As fast as possible. Literally, instantly. And what about technical support, our specialist will respond to your request within 30 minutes on any day, at any time. Also, manu processes are automated, and it allows us to work faster: for example, your VPS will be ready to use in 15 minutes afret payment.

How can I manage projects?

We provide a huge choice of control panels and sofrware, depending on your needs. If you need a separate IP adress - we are members of the RIPE NCC with LIR status.

Who is responsible for the security of your projects?

First of all - we are. Even though our partners in data centers have the leading security systems installed, also our specialists additionally take care of all systems 24/7.

Is it official?

Of course. All software is licensed, and contracts are concluded in accordance with the laws of the country where the server is placed.

How much does it cost and how can I pay for it?

There are many ways to pay: from the most common Bank card to cryptocurrencies. Choose the most convenient one on our site. The cost depends on the tariff, and we have a lot of them for any project. By the way, as for the cost...

Our tariffs for VPS/VDS in 9 countries and namely: Netherlands, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany.

Aluminium - vCore x1, 1 GB RAM ECC, 10 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 1€
Argentum - vCore x2, 2 GB RAM ECC, 20 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 3€
Ruthenium - vCore x2, 4 GB RAM ECC, 35 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 6€
Iridium - vCore x4, 6 GB RAM ECC, 50 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 10€
Palladium - vCore x4, 8 GB RAM ECC, 65 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 12€
Osmium - vCore x6, 10 GB RAM ECC, 100 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, ВKVM Virtualization. Price: 20€
Aurum - vCore x8, 12 GB RAM ECC, 130 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 25€
Platinum - vCore x10, 14 GB RAM ECC, 165 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 35€
Rhodium - vCore x16, 16 GB RAM ECC, 180 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price: 45€

Our tariffs Hi-CPU VPS/VDS:
The latest Intel processors, E2288G processors with a frequency of 5.0 GHz. In addition, all new machines have DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe SSD drives.
To top it all off, our Russian servers are under super-reliable DDOS GUARD protection, in the DataPro data center, TIER III certification.

Hi-CPU Aluminium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x1, 1 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 15 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 4€
Hi-CPU Argentum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x2, 2 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 40 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 10€
Hi-CPU Ruthenium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x2, 4 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 60 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 16€
Hi-CPU Iridium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x4, 6 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 80 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 22€
Hi-CPU Palladium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x4, 8 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 100 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 30€
Hi-CPU Osmium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x6, 12 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 150 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 45€
Hi-CPU Aurum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 16 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 200 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 60€
Hi-CPU Platinum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 300 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 100€
Hi-CPU Rhodium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 64 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 450 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, KVM Virtualization. Price 200€

All tariffs are subject to automatic discounts, if extended for 3-6-12 months.

We will not put too much strain on your eyes, please see the tariffs for dedicated servers on our website.

And that's not all. If you order a VPS (starting from the third tariff and higher), you will get a licensed ISPManager control panel for free!

Place your project on the perfect server – and we will do everything to make your project as successful as possible!

Thanks for your attention!

Best regards, 

your perfect team https://pq.hosting/



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Hello! Tuesday 😀

As you know, two more countries have recently been added – Germany and Canada. And in both countries, as usual, we conducted a thorough selection of data centers based on a variety of criteria – and in the end, we settled on two options.

In Germany, we hosted servers in one of Equinix's data centers, one of the market leaders with more than 20 years of history. The company has many data centers in different cities, but we decided on Frankfurt – one of the most important financial centers in Europe and the world. Our data center is directly connected to the world's largest traffic exchange point – DE-CIX Frankfurt, and also to ECIX, NL-ix, KleyReX and DATAIX. The convenient location of the data center allows you to get direct access to the world's most important business resources at maximum speed.

The Canadian data center is owned by Cologix, one of the leading telecom operators in North America. The space is located in the heart of Toronto, one of the largest business centers in the New World. The data center is equipped with state–of-the-art security systems, including round-the-clock armed security, and is directly connected to the Toronto-TorIX traffic exchange point.

Both data centers are TIER III certified – just like all the other data centers we work with.



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Go to the maximum level of reliability!

Additional security levels are always needed. Even NASA, which uses the most advanced technologies and materials, always develops multi-level backup systems. Life is such that you can insure yourself against certain risks, but it is simply impossible to predict the fatal confluence of circumstances.

However, we have a suggestion for this case as well: we are launching an FTP service where you can store full backups of your servers. And not just them! Our storage will become the most reliable safe for your work and personal materials, photo and video archives, as well as any other arrays of information that is not needed now, but may be useful later.

Our servers are located in top data centers with a multi-level security system, but, alas, even they are not yet immune from powerful natural disasters, civil upheavals, alien invasion or the appearance of Godzilla.

Therefore, if the absolute security of your data is important to you, consider our offer – and you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the parameters, but also by the tariffs. In the meantime, we wish all of us that the confluence of circumstances in our lives were exceptionally pleasant!

The tariffs are currently available for ordering in our billing service.



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As sad as it may sound, the series of May holidays has come to an end.
We understand that it is difficult to return to normal operation after a long weekend.

But at the same time, we are confident that every second spent will bear fruit in the future!

As a motivation, we offer you a discount on the order and renewal. To use it, enter the promo code "may2021" in the field when ordering the server or renewing it. The promotion is valid from 14.05.2021 to 19.05.2021, do not waste a minute, work hard with PQ.Hosting!




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Hello everyone! We have great news! Following numerous requests from our customers, we have expanded the list of payment methods: now Unitpay and Robokassa and new payment methods through them have appeared in our long list. This is not only fast and reliable, but also extremely convenient, because these systems allow you to make calculations in different payment methods. Now you can choose from a large list of payment methods, and most importantly-without any commission!

We will continue to try to ensure that you can not only enjoy high-quality hosting, but also save your money, directing them to business development, recreation and other pleasant things.


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We continue to expand in Europe!

Did you know that in a small Slovakia, more than a million machines are produced every year? The factories of the world's leading automakers are located there. And now in the capital of this country, Bratislava, there are other machines. Namely, the super servers of our hosting.

Yes, our vast geography has been expanded with a new country: now you can order the perfect hosting service PQ.Hosting with a physical location in Slovakia. This is a kind of anniversary: Slovakia has already become the 10th country with PQ.Hosting servers – and we would like to congratulate both us and our many customers, current and future, on this achievement. Congratulations!

It is important to note that Slovakia is a great place in terms of traffic, as Digitalis partner data center owed by VNET company is located in the center of Europe, at the intersection of Western and Eastern European communication flows.

Follow our news – and very soon you will learn about another European country in which PQ.Hosting servers will also be available!

To order virtual servers in Slovakia, follow the link https://pq.hosting/vps#sk


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Вам случалось бывать в Чехии? Как бы вы описали эту страну в двух словах? Мы говорим так: в Чехии много замков, красных крыш, брусчатки и черного юмора, а еще там самое знаменитое в Европе пиво и идеальные серверы. Конечно же, речь о серверах PQ.Hosting, ведь теперь мы открылись и в этой стране!

Подробнее: https://pq.hosting/vps-vds-czechia-prague

Наш партнер – дата-центр компании Host-telecom, один из самых надежных и востребованных в Чешской республике. За 10 лет работы дата-центра не произошло ни одного случая утечки либо изъятия информации. Центр построен в соответствии всем требованиям TIER III, оснащен наружной и внешней охраной, работает под круглосуточным наблюдением и контролем.

Подробнее: https://pq.hosting/data

Чехия вслед за Словакией стала уже 11-й страной, в которой доступны серверы PQ.hosting! Напоминаем, что вы можете выбрать страну размещения сервера, заказывая хостинг на нашем сайте.



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We want to share with you the good news: the authoritative directory of host companies HostAdvice sent us a secret buyer and tested our services. After that, they presented us with the TOP 10 WORDPRESS HOSTING award.
In honor of this, we are announcing a week of discounts on PQ.Hosting, namely 10% on the purchase and renewal of VPS.

Promo-code for a discount: hostadvice



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We come in English!

Hooray! PQ.Hosting has successfully crossed the English Channel, and our supernova servers are now in England!
Our partner is UK Servers, a company with servers in London and Coventry, operating since 2004.

The data center is equipped with a modern eco-cooling system, which is 80% more efficient than traditional air conditioners, as well as a multi-level backup power system, including a diesel generator with a fuel reserve for 2 days of full operation of the entire complex.

The data center has access to the London Internet Exchange traffic exchange point, also known as LINX. The building is guarded around the clock by people and automatic security systems, every corner of the data center is under video surveillance in recording mode.

The UK is one of the leading world powers, and we are proud to offer our customers servers on its territory. Also, this is the 12th country in the world where ideal PQ.Hosting servers have appeared. And we promise that it will not be the last!



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The traditional summer vacation season is coming to an end, and it's time to say: "Goodbye, summer - hello, discounts!"

Let's clarify everything in order.

We are infinitely happy that the world is actively opening borders, and we, in turn, are actively opening our servers around the world! This summer, the worldwide network of PQ hosting has been replenished with four countries.

Ideal servers appeared in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain and Israel. Thus, now our geography includes 13 countries of the world. What we congratulate all our customers on: both old and new.

And what usually happens after congratulations? Of course, gifts! And we are happy to give our customers an 11% discount on all tariffs until 09.09.2021.
Promo code: "summerfinal2021".
Use it, enjoy it – and wait for new good news from us. After all, Black Friday and New Year's holidays are ahead, and we have already started preparing super-pleasant surprises for these dates!


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