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    Radic Davydov
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    Miami, Florida

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  1. Indicação

    Correct, only the same network. We have our own staff in all of our data centers (NYC Metro, Miami, Los Angeles). All of our hardware is owned by us and we have no affiliation with Choopa.
  2. Porcentagem de ganhos

    You should be aiming for 15% - 30% off each dedicated server. This will allow you to hire staff and properly support your customers.
  3. Sevidores dedicados

    Why not go directly with SYS?
  4. Servidor dedicado da choopa

    Choopa doesn't have its own data centers. If you're looking for good ping to Brazil, let me know.
  5. Furacão irma pode afetar datacenters nos eua

    We had no issues in Miami, the data center is built to withstand category 5 hurricanes and has generators along with redundant networks.
  6. Sobre Limestone

    How much DDoS protection and bandwidth do you need?
  7. Hospedagem de imagens, revenda, vps ou dedicado?

    If your content is static, put it behind Cloudflare. They will cache and deliver it as a CDN free of charge.
  8. Dúvida entre datacenters

    Thank you both for the positive feedback.
  9. Dúvida entre datacenters

    The networks in all of our data centers are stable everywhere. For anything in South America, I would recommend our Miami data center for the lowest latency. We have added new carriers that should reduce latency even further. PS - We currently have a labor day sale until September 4th, see our web site for more details.
  10. Alguém vende ipv4?

    If anyone has ARIN IPv4 for sale (not lease), reach out to [email protected]

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