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  1. 10TB included, but we have EXTREMELY competitive pricing on high bandwidth pricing. Currently running a $999/mo special on 10G unmetered, but if you need less bandwidth, let me know.
  2. We're now testing deployments with 10 Gbps dedicated ports @ $19/m.
  3. The link would be out of Miami, not Brazil. We're currently targeting prices under $0.20/Megabit with latency from ~90+ ms (give or take based on location, peering, etc). This is list pricing we're looking at (before discounts). Prices are not finalized and can go up or down. ~$199/mo - 1 Gbps dedicated unmetered ~$1599/mo - 10 Gbps dedicated unmetered 40 Gbps / 80 Gbps pricing is TBD.
  4. All, Sorry for the post in English, but this one is directly targeted toward the South American community. We're currently working on a high bandwidth network across all of our facilities (Miami first). I wanted to get some feedback to see what sort of demand there is for low cost 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 80 Gbps unmetered. The bandwidth will be geared toward quality as I imagine streaming will be a major use. These will be 100% dedicated and unshared ports, so you'll get the advertised bandwidth 24/7/365. It will be a mix of carriers with route optimization. What sort of prices would you expect for these options? Once again, these are unshared ports with guaranteed speeds. Please do not send me prices from providers giving you shared ports or off-peak specials. Please also don't mention FDC, they are single homed to Cogent and do not offer diverse paths or any network redundancy. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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